Time to vote again! ~ TGF Royal Battle Week #3

Happy Monday!  The BC Farmers made it to week #3 in the TGF Royal Battle, Thank you again for all of your support the last couple of weeks.  This weeks challenge was to do a layout.  I am so glad Lisa is on our team she does amazing work!  She came up with such a sweet layout, I just love it!

I feel like I am back in high school asking for your vote for student council!  LOL  But seriously we would really love your help and support again this week!  Remember, you can vote for your 3 faves and it only takes a second to register if you haven’t already.  Here is a direct link to Lisa’s layout, and one for week #3.

I hope you have a great day and thanks for stopping by!


7 thoughts on “Time to vote again! ~ TGF Royal Battle Week #3

  1. Thanks Linda!! MUCH APPRECIATED!! I HATE asking for votes too, I feel like I’m in a popularity contest!! LOL!!! I was never really good at that kind of thing!! Anyway – thanks for the votes – we REALLY appreciate them! 🙂

  2. GAH!!! I can’t believe I did that!!!! Sheesh!!! …and the worst part is…I can’t even comment on the layout – or TAKE ANOTHER PICTURE!!! ACK!!!!

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