Look what I made with my Copics OR My Headless Ghoul! (kinda gross)

Happy Friday!  I don’t have a card to share today, but a scary boy!  LOL  Liam decided at the VERY last-minute that he wanted his head on a platter for Halloween!  ACK, why could he not want to be a cute little ghost or the hippie he was talking about all week?!

 What is a mom to do?  I had him draw out what he was thinking and went to work!  I cut up a shirt that I never wear anymore, stuffed the neck with pillow stuffing and then airbrushed away with my Copics until it looked like a nasty bloody stump, neck bone included, then added fake blood to make it even more gross.  We then cut up a box to make the platter, covered it with foil and made the “lettuce” from card stock!  Who knew that stamping supplies could be used for costume making!   The little monkey ran out the door for the bus to quickly for me to get a full picture this morning, but I do have one of the neck.  Once he gets home I will take a full picture to share.

For a very last-minute costume, I like how it turned out and had fun coming up with ideas with my little headless monkey!  He’d better share his candy with me this weekend! LOL

I hope you have a great Friday and I will see you back here tomorrow with my regularly scheduled Drunken Stampers card!

6 thoughts on “Look what I made with my Copics OR My Headless Ghoul! (kinda gross)

  1. OMG…that is awesome!!! I can’t wait to see the full pic!! Brayden wanted to do something similar this year – but I think I’ve talked him into being a mummy. 🙂 They were only allowed to dress up after lunch today so alas, he’s not bringing his costume (also, I have yet to make it). I think I’m the worst Mom in the world – especially when I see what YOU whipped up in record time!!! Sheesh GF!!! Give us unprepared Mothers a break!! LOL!!! (J/K…great job!!!)

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