The Finished Costume (not so gross now)

Happy Monday!  And for once I am happy that it is Monday! LOL  Our weekend was so packed with Halloween fun that I didn’t get a chance to stamp.  The kids party went well, the older boys had fun pranking the girls with a huge spider falling from the trees and they younger ones cleaned up on the candy.

As promised here is Liam’s finished costume, he won first prize in his class for creativity, and one of Darius too.  He went as a hockey goon in one of Lee’s old (like 25 years old!) team Canada hockey jerseys that he just can not part with, but that is a different issue.  😉

If all goes well today, I will be back tomorrow with a card to share, until then I hope you have a great day and thanks for stopping by!


5 thoughts on “The Finished Costume (not so gross now)

  1. How fun is this? FUN!

    Your boys look great … but I’m wondering about poor Darius. Did he actually get a puck to the eye? If not, that’s the best fake black eye I’ve ever SEEN!

    You should work in Hollywood!

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