How I store my bakers twine

Hey everyone!  Today and I am going to show you how I store (until I can convince the hubby that I NEED to have my very own Ribbon Carousel full of spools!) all of my baker’s twine!  I love all brands of baker’s twine and use it almost all the time on my cards, so I wanted to store it in a pretty container that was easy to see and get at instead of a drawer.  I find if it is not out where I can see it, it does not get used and I’m sure a lot of you are the same way with your crafty goodies!

First of all I picked up a couple of packages of wooden clothes pins from the dollar store and found a pretty vase at a garage sale (you will see that at the end) and then I got to work on wrapping all my twine!

To start the twine I pushed it through the spring to keep it secure as I wrap it around.

Next I just started wrapping the twine, pretty straight forward.

Here it is all wrapped, I secure the end in the clip and it is ready to go!

And here is all my twine in the pretty vase where I can reach it easily when I am making cards.

I hope you have enjoyed a little peek at how I store some of my crafty goodies!


5 thoughts on “How I store my bakers twine

  1. I’ve seen this done with the old fashioned no-spring style of clothespins for ribbon, but somehow I never thought to try it with these which I already have in my laundry room! Great suggestion. 🙂

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