Copic Info

Hey everyone!  I get asked a lot of questions about how I color and what type of paper and ink I use so I figured a page dedicated to Copic markers would be a good idea.  I will be back with all that info soon

For right now, I will share a couple of my hair and skin combo sheets that we worked on in my last class.  You can find the awesome sheet here and print out and use for your own combos.

If you have any questions please email me at peggy dot toole @


3 thoughts on “Copic Info

  1. Thanks Peggy,I just got around to downloading these pages.The class i went to was awesome.
    Will you be doing one on coloring and shading flowers and animals fur.
    Thanks ,again

  2. Hi Peggy. Will you be able to do a class in the early fall showing animal fur colouring and how to “anchor” my Tilda stamps so they do not appear to be in the air?

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